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Panama City Beach, Florida
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A recent letter sent To Bay Point Marinas Harbormaster, Steve Arnst from Tom, aboard True North. 

We hope that we never need special assistance when cruising and need to ask for help when we come into a marina, but it happens. In 10 years of cruising, we have needed that special help 3 times and 3 great marinas responded to our need. Most recently, Bay Point marina in Panama City, Florida came to our rescue when the air conditioning failed during the summer heat and the First Mate was threatening desertion. This outstanding marina got a technician from "Gulf Coast Marine Service" aboard just hours after we docked and we were able to resume our cruising schedule in comfort.

The best marinas look at a boater who is in trouble as an opportunity to give that boater a good experience that will not be forgotten but will be talked about to others. I applaud those marinas for taking the extra effort. Thank you guys, we won't forget you....

Robert Paulk Thursday, 4/22/10, 11:49 AM    John, thank you for running point on getting the airconditioning blower repaired. Your help in tracking down the problem, and contacting the manufactorer was very helpful! Most outfits would have left the legwork up to the customer but your sincere interest was very apparent! I'll be sure to keep your contact info for the next time! Sincerely, ShellCracker Robert Paulk Cruisair Warranty Repair. From: Mobile, Alabama  Email: