Gulf Coast Marine Service, Inc.
Panama City Beach, Florida
Serving Bay Point and Surrounding Marinas
Since 1994
Sorry But We Do Not Service Outboards Or PWCs

Gulf Coast Marine Service got started in the spring of 1993 as one man, Capt. John R. L. Hice, his tool box and a pickup truck simply by demand and later Incorporated in 1994.

Robert L. Hice "John",  was born and raised in Panama City, Florida, Son of Betty and Lamar Hice.
John's passion has been mechanical repair from his early childhood starting with the disassembly, diagnosis and re-assembly of eight track tape players that his older brothers had discarded from their cars as teens. His curiosity of mechanical operations grew from there.

At the age of 18, John obtained his 100 Ton Captains License, eventually upgrading to a Masters Certificate,  following the path of his father and older brothers who were in the Panama City charter boat fishing industry from the early 70s. 

His mechanical passion eventually evolved and landed him a position for 14 years as a Service Advisor and Instructor for a large Corporation. There he traveled to their various repair facilities giving classes and instruction in the repair and upkeep of their equipment.

After 14 years of marriage, divorce leads John to retiring from his job and seeking a different direction in life.
With his whole family being immersed in the boating industry in Panama City through the years from his childhood and on, John was well known in the boating community for his skills as a boat and diesel mechanic. 
The Charter Boat Fleet was in need of a reasonable and reliable mechanic so John loaded up his tool box and went to work. 
It wasn't long before he was overwhelmed with work.  With his years as an instructor and training mechanics, he started training his own crew to do the job to his standards.

Since the first day John picked up his tool box and went to work, Gulf Coast Marine Service has continued to grow and expand their fields of service while staying on the leading edge of marine technology. Gulf Coast Marine Service is now a family business, employing both of John’s sons Robert and Chris.

Gulf Coast Marine Service

A word from the founder 

Since the start I have enjoyed serving the boating community in Panama City with great pride in our work.

I once seen one of those inspirational work posters in my Dad's shop portraying two kids painting their clubhouse and in captions it read "Autograph Your Work With Excellence". That motto has stuck with me everyday of my life and we do our best to Autograph or work with Excellence.

We survive on our reputation in this industry and will never resort to poor quality or any type of dishonesty that would jeopardize our reputation. 

Thanks to all who have over the years trusted us with your investment and we look forward to serving you for many more years.

Capt. John Hice
Gulf Coast Marine Service, Inc.